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The Zone to Resume Cinema Z

  Sky’s The Zone will resurrect its cheesy Cinema Z slot in February with four premieres, including the sequel to last year’s Lavalantula. Quipped Fangoria: “Much like its predecessor, 2Lava 2Lantula feels like an 80-minute Funny-or-Die sketch mocking Sharknado, with all groaners, all the time. “There is enough cheese in this movie to clog every last artery in your […]

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HD Heads-Up: January 27

TV1’s newest reality half-hour, Posh Pawn, which will screen 7.00 Saturdays from February 6, didn’t get the flashest reviews. Quipped The Guardian: “I’m not suggesting that the target demographic is dead-eyed subhumans without two brain cells to rub together, but I would like to see a species breakdown of its viewing figures.” The Telegraph thought it […]

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Expansive Line-Up for The Zone in January

Sky’s The Zone may be the unofficial home of Syfy fare in this territory but it has yet to lock in the channel’s newest series, The Expanse. It’s just debuted online and goes to air next week in the US, where it’s earned mixed reviews. But The Zone will be up to date with two series […]

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