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Critical Condition: The Name of the Rose

The Name of the Rose | SoHo, 9.30 Monday ☆☆☆☆ “Anyone with a cursory understanding of The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco’s religious murder mystery (and so much more), probably understands that it’s a fool’s errand to turn it into something visual. If the 1986 movie starring Sean Connery made this clear, a new miniseries confirms […]

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New to SoHo in June

SoHo will premiere a mini-seres adaptation of Umberto Eco‘s novel The Name of the Rose (9.30 Mondays from June 3). The four-part thriller follows the Franciscan monk William of Baskerville (John Turturro) and his novice Adso von Melk (Damien Hardung) as they search for a serial killer in a secluded monastery in the Alps while being […]

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