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HD Heads-Up: February 25

The Zone is promoting its HD season of The Prisoner from late afternoon to early evening. It will also screen a week earlier: 7.30 Sundays from March 4, possibly in recognition of the significance of this year being the cult show’s 50th anniversary. In another change since this post, The Zone has dropped Xena: Warrior Princess […]

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The Zone to Liberate The Prisoner

The Zone will celebrate the 50th anniversary of cult sensation The Prisoner by screening it in HD. The baffling but brilliant series, which ran for only 17 episodes, starred Patrick McGoohan as a secret agent who’s abducted and held prisoner in a seemingly idyllic English village. The Zone will air it 5.35 Saturdays from March 11. […]

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Which touchstone is M Night Shyamalan

Critical Condition: Wayward Pines

“The short description of the miniseries is that Secret Service agent Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon) is on his way from Seattle to Idaho when he’s in a car accident and wakes up in Wayward Pines, a plastic nightmare of a fake town from which he can’t escape. But that’s not even close to what it’s about. You […]

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