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Sky Movie Premieres in May

SKY MOVIES PREMIERE Terminator: Genysis The Walk Child 44 Trainwreck The Night Before The Walk Focus Self/Less Ted 2 Amy Dark Places Fantastic Four SKY MOVIES EXTRA Infinitely Polar Bear Preggoland Unknown Caller To Whom It May Concern Paper Towns The Olivia Experiment The Road Within The First Time The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had […]

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HD Heads-Up: January 20

3D skeptics might wish to revise their opinions with this week’s release of two top Blu-ray titles in the format, The Walk and Everest, with The Martian due next month. The Walk’s director, Robert Zemeckis, opted to shoot in 2D and “dimensionalise” it later. “I was totally with him,” cinematographer Dariusz Wolski told Variety. “I’ve done a few native 3D movies and […]

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New to Blu: January 20 – 26

“Everest features a gorgeous 2.40:1 1080p presentation. Featuring full detail clarity, it’s easy to see and appreciate fine facial features, the scenery, and the impressive amount of work that went into the production design work to make the locations look as authentic as possible.” “The images are particularly vibrant in the 3D version, which made […]

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