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Phil vs Bill Greg Grunberg goes from Heroes to zero in this cheesy creature feature that owes more to Sharknado than Slither or Tremors. He plays a pest exterminator trying to save Los Angeles from the King Kong of arachnids after it escapes from a military laboratory. It sounds kick-ass fun but is a chore to endure, from the lousy acting to the ludicrous writing to the laughable production values. Clearly Grunberg’s post-Heroes career is going belly-up as quickly as co-star Ray (Twin Peaks) Wise’s. - Phil Wakefield.

Bill O’Byrne’s Bargain Bin Blues: Big Ass Spider

Big Ass Spider $$$ Directed by Mike Mendez. Written by Greg Gieras. Starring Alex Grunberg, Clare Kramer, Ray Wise and Lombardo Boyar. The opening of Big Ass Spider is a cracker. A moody remake of “Where Is My Mind” (by Storm Large) plays with a literally-stunned Alex (Greg Grunberg) stumbling in slo mo down a street […]

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