Telstra T-Box Soon to Get Big Tick

TelstraClear has renamed its soon-to-launch PVR the T-Box Personal High Definition Video Recorder.

Long in gestation, the home media device promises to combine the best features of TiVo and My Sky HDi with the HD Holy Grail bonus of 1080p video.

Five months ago the telco started demonstrating the T-Box in its Wellington and Christchurch outlets but software snags have delayed customer installations.

After a protracted alpha testing stage, the beta trial started last week.

“Around 120 people — a mix of staff and customers — have been trialling it and so far the feedback has been very positive,” a spokesman told “We hope to make a launch announcement soon.

“Once that is made all those customers who have registered their interest in getting the T-Box will be contacted and given first option to have this great product installed.

“Customers who haven’t registered will be advised very soon how to request installation of the T-Box.”

Although the PVR has been renamed to be consistent with Telstra Australia’s T-Box, which was launched in late 2009, the two products are significantly different: T-Box NZ is a premium pay-TV set-top box whereas T-Box Australia uses Freeview to deliver broadcast TV channels and delivers Bigpond content over broadband.

The specifications are the same as when the PVR was originally announced in November but TelstraClear confirms new content and features are being developed – “though nothing to announce yet.”

The Dominion Post earlier reported the T-Box would cost $499 but Telstra says pricing plans will be confirmed shortly.

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2 Responses to “Telstra T-Box Soon to Get Big Tick”

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    October 13, 2010 at 1:49 pm

    I’m looking at switching from Sky to the T-box as I already have Telstra for the ‘net. (I am looking forward to fibre.) What I’m trying to do, though, is make sure that the T-box provides all the same content as Sky (channels provided and same My Sky recording options etc). Any chance of a T-box versus My Sky HDi review so we can make an informed decision?

  2. Thanks for your interest, Sarah. An in-depth comparison is in the works. In the meantime, have you seen this post

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