TelstraClear Confirms Pricing Plans for T-Box

TelstraClear is adopting Sky’s rental model for its new HD PVR, the T-Box.

The home media device is still being tested while the telco sorts out teething issues.

But when it is ready for installation, customers can choose between paying a one-off fee of $499 upfront or a monthly rental of $14.95.

However, the T-Box will remain the property of TelstraClear.

The advantage of this over TiVo’s model, where you buy the PVR outright, is if something goes wrong with the technology, such as hard drive failure, the telco will replace the T-Box.

Of course, being a pay-TV service, there will be a monthly channel-subscription package to pay on top of this (which, as of next month, will start from $87.59 for a digital TV/phone line package).

TelstraClear has a content supply deal with Sky but has publicly voiced frustration about the restrictions it places on the telco’s programming autonomy.

As Telstra market manager for TV, Jeff Doyle, told Onfilm last year, linear broadcasting content is not the end game of the T-Box.

“We’re looking at other options where we can deliver 1080p through other content providers.”

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