The One With the High Definition

TV2 starts another re-run cycle of Friends tonight – but with a difference.

This will be the first time the most repeated series on NZ TV has aired in HD.

The show resumes from episode one, season one, at 6.30pm.

Meanwhile, the backstage comedy, Episodes, which stars Friends’ Matt LeBlanc as himself, is among TV One’s HD attractions for 2011.

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8 Responses to “The One With the High Definition”

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    January 17, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Friends was made 480i 4:3 ratio and I can’t see that any upscaling done by TV2 justifies this thread.

  2. The information was sourced from TVNZ. As you’ll see from this thread,, Friends was shot on 35mm, which means it can be converted to HD, hence rumours of a pending Blu-ray release. Expect to see more classic TV shows made HD-friendly, the latest example being the soon-to-release Blu-ray of The Twilight Zone: Season One,, which was filmed in 1959.

  3. Any sign of AC3 audio at TVNZ??

  4. Just because TVNZ is now broadcasting in 1080i doesn’t automatically make the source content high-def. Last night’s episode was certainly not HD – looks just like it was sourced from the same SD master they’ve been using all along, upscaled into their 1080i frame. In other words, it looks crap.

  5. Nice heading. And it’s also the chance for Jennifer Aniston’s groupies to see it in full HD Nipplevision. Which is always nice for the fans.

  6. Alright, the second episode looked much better, definitely a new HD master. Shame all the detail has been digitally scrubbed out of it. Skin looks unnaturally smooth.

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