The Simpsons Ditched for Chip Off the Old Block

TV3 is hoping to make viewers an offer they can’t refuse by replacing weeknight re-runs of The Simpsons with The Block: Sky High.

The HD reality contest, which has been airing 4.30pm weekdays, has been rating higher than The Simpsons at 5.30.

There have been exceptions, such as Tuesday, when the reverse was true.

But TV3 clearly reckons the spin-off from one of its most popular franchises has a  better chance of delivering 3News a decent lead-in opposite Home and Away than the 25-year-old ‘toon, especially with the end of daylight saving this weekend.

The change is effective from Monday, when Entertainment Tonight will air 4.30pm weekdays, ahead of The Block: Sky High at 5pm.

It’s not all bad news for Springfield fans: there will be a Good Friday re-run of The Simpsons at 4.45pm and TV3 will double-bill HD re-runs, starting with episode 13 of season 20, 5pm Sundays from April 13.

Meanwhile, Simpsons executive producer Al Jean believes the show could run for 50 years.

“The [renewal] deals are usually in instalments of four and the ratings are good, so I can’t see why we wouldn’t go to 30 … and why can’t we go to 40 or even 50.”

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  1. I know that the 5.30 are reruns but TV3 forgot to tell my TiVo that as it records them as well even when it’s set for first-run only.

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