The Week Ahead in HD: March 12-18’s definitive free-to-air guide to what’s airing nightly in 1080i:


Making Tracks (TV3, 4.00, R)

Rules of Engagement (TV3, 4.30, 5.1)

Country Calendar (TV One, 7.00)

Movie: Bride Wars (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)


Hank (TV2, 5.00)

Pretty Little Liars (TV2, 5.30)

Joey (TV2, 6.30, R)

North (TV One, 7.00)

Modern Family (TV3, 7.00, 5.1)

The Good Wife (TV3, 9.30, 5.1)

The Almighty Johnsons (TV3, 11.30, R)


Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Bigger Better Faster Stronger (TV3, 8.00)

Criminal Minds (TV One, 8.30)

Desperate Housewives (TV2, 8.30)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Castle (TV One, 9.30)

Brothers & Sisters (TV2, 9.30)

The Almighty Johnsons (TV3, 9.30)

City Homicide (TV One, 11.00)

Hawaii Five-O (TV3, 11.15, 5.1, R)

Californication (TV3, 12.10, 5.1, R)


Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Missing Pieces (TV3, 8.00)

Go Girls (TV2, 8.30)

NCIS: Los Angeles (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Off the Map (TV2, 9.30)

Eli Stone (TV2, 11.30, R)


Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Two and a Half Men (TV2, 7.30)

Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers (TV One, 8.00)

Hawaii Five-O (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Sons of Anarchy (TV3, 9.25, 5.1)

The Mentalist (TV2, 10.30, R)

Bones (TV3, 11.10, 5.1, R)


Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

No Ordinary Family (TV2, 8.30)

Bones (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

An Idiot Abroad (TV3, 9.30)

Fringe (TV2, 10.30)

The Unit (TV3, 11.45, 5.1)


Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Glee (TV3, 7.30, 5.1)

Better With You (TV2, 8.00)

The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Super City (TV3, 10.00)

Smallville (TV2, 11.30)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV3, 12.15, 5.1, R)

V (TV2, 12.30, R)

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2 Responses to “The Week Ahead in HD: March 12-18”

  1. What about Shortland Street? The TVNZ website schedule lists it as airing in HD this week, and so does the guide on Freeview.

  2. TVNZ says the HD description was a “technical issue” with its IT set-up. Earlier in the week a spokesperson said it had been fixed — but apparently not. Shortland Street is being shot in HD but won’t be screening in HD this week. TVNZ wants to make a big splash about the switchover “once it is all confirmed”. South Pacific Pictures started the HD transition over Christmas, so assuming a three-month lag between production and transmission, Shortland Street should be on-air in HD by early next month. Keep checking this site for the definitive date.

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