Third Time Lucky for Kura Bros

Season three of award-winning South Auckland comedy Kura will premiere January 6 on TVNZ+.

Here’s the media release:

The latest season of TVNZ+’s hit kiwi comedy (over 1.8 million streams) introduces a raft of new and exciting characters into the Papakura fold and promises to deliver more laughs and warm fuzzies to this already hilarious comedy-drama. Kura premieres January 6 2023 on TVNZ+ with all six episodes dropping at once.

Best mates, Billy-John (Dahnu Graham) and Hotene (Lionel Wellington) are back, still navigating and nailing the Papakura life. Billy’s in his new job at a local pool building and maintenance company, he’s got a new flat with his mates Vinnie (Vinnie Bennett), Logan (Logan Buchanan), Ielu (Ielu Peti) and Hotene (and a somewhat unexpected yet familiar landlord).

Dodgy but loveable Uncle Trev (Scotty Cotter), is doing home detention with Sharon (Amiria Reriti), as the two siblings try to rekindle their relationship. Billy manages to pay the rent and still have some coin for a couple of Double Browns and a lasagne down at Stampede. Life is practically perfect. Seems there’s just one thing missing now.

While getting fish’n’chips one night, he stumbles into the person who might just change his life forever…Po (Aki Munroe), a young woman from the ‘other side of town’ and it seems Billy has finally met his match. As Billy and Po get closer, so does her family…

The first season of Kura was developed as part of TVNZ’s New Blood Competition and aired in January 2020, swiftly becoming one of the most popular local shows on the network. Season Two followed soon after and today, it is one of the highest rating scripted shows for TVNZ with over 1.8 million streams.

About Kura 

  • The show is shot entirely on location in Papakura.
  • One of TVNZ+’s Hit Kiwi Comedies with over 1.8 million streams.
  • In 2020 and 2021, the show won Best Script at the NZ Web Fest for creators Vince McMillan & James Watson, alongside a slew of international awards and nominations.
  • In 2022, Scotty Cotter won Best Supporting Actor at the NZ TV Awards.
  • The show is produced by Gareth Williams for Plus6Four Entertainment (Alibi).
  • The Executive Producers are David de Lautour & Hannah Marshall.
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    December 8, 2022 at 4:02 pm

    YAY, Disney+ isn’t going up this month, it’s actually January. I wonder if that’s when they will be adding the ad support tier for New Zealand 🤔

  2. Why on earth would you pay to see ads?

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