Three Coy About 2018 Schedule

Three has used the revival of Dancing With the Stars to tease some of its 2018 highlights.

The network’s holding back from a full announcement until February, which means it will be bombarding viewers with movies and reality shows over January.

Today it confirmed the return of signature series like 7 Days, The Project, The AM Show, Modern Family, SVU and The Graham Norton Show.

One new series it did reveal is the comedy, 9JKL, which is based on the life of series star and executive producer Mark Feuerstein.

He plays an actor who moves home to New York after his divorce, living in an apartment sandwiched between his overbearing parents (Elliott Gould, Linda Lavin) on one side and his brother, sister-in-law and their new baby on the other.

Reviews were mostly negative — “both bland and obvious” (Variety), “mediocre and egregiously trite” (Washington Post) — but the Los Angeles Times thought it “a competent if familiar sitcom that’s more comfortable than daring — and that’s OK”.

And the series has rated well enough for CBS to last month order three more episodes for its first season.

Three’s also picked up the movie-length documentary, I Am Heath Ledger, which intimately profiles him through the lens of his own camera.

Entertainment Weekly thought it “deeply moving” and Variety “haunting and personal … The star of The Dark Knight and Brokeback Mountain comes across more intimately than we’ve seen, but his demons remain behind a closed door.”

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3 Responses to “Three Coy About 2018 Schedule”

  1. Also been downloading 9JKL. Why do networks keep TV series from me? I can never understand.

  2. Sorry Three but just wanted to say YIPPEE Amazon Prime Video is now on Apple TV, it looks amazing as well :)

  3. I saw that last nite. You still need a DNS to see all of it.

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