Three to Air The Love Australia Project

Three is pre-empting Saturday afternoon’s 2.45 broadcast of The Goldbergs to screen The Love Australia Project.

The hour-long special goes to air 7.30 tonight on Channel Ten but will screen here as an edited half-hour.

According to the blurb, the Tourism Australian initiative will “feature high-profile celebs and everyday Aussies, from Tassie to the Top End”.

Some of the stories covered will include:

  • What we love about Australia in the first place
  • What the tourism industry means to the nation
  • As a nation of foodies, do we even remember out food and wine culture
  • Bushfires and now Covid-19, how is the environment coping?
  • How the Arts have suffered as a result of the lockdown
  • Where do celebs and everyday Aussies rank as their favourite places around the county

In a time when the world has had to shut its borders, let’s celebrate the island we are stuck on, it truly is a fantastic place.

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4 Responses to “Three to Air The Love Australia Project”

  1. Presumably this is paid content from Tourism Australia?

  2. It certainly sounds like it could be, Clint, plus being a platform for Ten to promote its celebrities in a good cause.

  3. What rubbish is this? At least it’s not during peak time …

  4. Quite agree, Fsmith — not even sure how made the cut for off-peak!

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