Three Wipes Murder for Weinstein

Three is pre-empting Wednesday’s Swipe Right for Murder with Weinstein: The Inside Story, a BBC Panorama/PBS Frontline investigation into the sexual assault allegations against Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein.

“Time and again, stories were told of hotel rooms, open bathrobes, requests for massages, and worse,” The Telegraph said when the HD special aired two weeks ago in the UK.

Stories of advances spurned and careers said to have suffered. Other allegations were far more serious. Weinstein’s official response was almost always the same: denial, and the insinuation that greed was what drove his accusers. Yet, the similarities in the stories were not just striking, but shocking.

“This documentary offers not just snippets of testimony but also a sense of powerful specificity (all quotes, by the way, are from a preliminary transcript),” Variety said.

Weinstein is both a helpful primer and a necessary addition to the #MeToo movement; it’s one more brick in a large and unavoidable wall.”

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