ThreeNow At Last on Samsung TVs

Neither Warner Bros. Discovery nor Samsung is commenting on why it’s taken so long for the country’s top-selling TV brand to launch the ThreeNow app.

Today WBD announced the streaming app was available to download on Samsung TVs sold within the last six years.

Most other TV brands, especially those running on the Android platform, have had the ThreeNow app since then.

Traditionally, Samsung has been at the forefront of the Smart TV apps market. Often the number of Samsung apps so dwarfed its rivals’ that for some consumers this would have been the factor that tilted them towards buying the Korean brand.

However, the gap has narrowed as streaming platforms mushroomed globally and brands that used Android/Google operating systems, such as Sony, had an advantage over those with in-house OS (like Samsung, LG and Panasonic).

That’s because local apps like ThreeNow can have compatibility issues with proprietary OS and take longer to test and implement than on Android/Google-based TVs.

Here’s the WBD media release:

Warner Bros. Discovery’s ThreeNow app is now available on Samsung TVs, offering the best of local and international streaming content for free.

Binge-watching your favourite shows has just got easier with the release of the anticipated ThreeNow app for Samsung TVs.

The app gives Kiwis access to this local streaming service, unlocking some of the best content from Aotearoa and around the world for free.

The addition of ThreeNow to Samsung Smart TVs allows New Zealand audiences live streaming and on-demand access to the vast content library offered by Warner Bros. Discovery.

Viewers can now catch their favourite news and current affairs content from Newshub, world class local series such as Far North, Tracked, The Traitors NZ and David Lomas Investigates, exclusive international dramas such as Last King of The Cross, Six Four and Blue Lights, alongside much-loved shows from channels eden, Rush and Bravo.

ThreeNow’s entertainment catalogue of premium streaming content is at your fingertips, whenever you want, via your Samsung remote. Stream now on ThreeNow via your Samsung Smart TV.

ThreeNow is available to download from the App store, found within the menu on Samsung TVs from 2017 through to current models.

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  1. When I get my Samsung Freestyle Projector I can watch Samsung TV+. I think it’s more my cup of coffee than ThreeNow FAST channels although the crime channel is quite good 🤔

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