ThreeNow to Be Overhauled But Not to the Max

Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed its ThreeNow streaming platform will be upgraded within the next couple of months — but don’t expect the new-look service to include HBO/Max content.

WBD networks chief Glen Kyne told the NZ Herald ThreeNow could have a new interface as early as October.

“I wouldn’t say it’s world-class [right now]; what we’re trying to create is world-class. That’s what the consumer expects and that’s what they’re going to get with the new UX.”

As well as a better experience for consumers, there would be an expanded menu of content into 2024, thanks to the extensive international library offered by Warner Bros Discovery.

But the library won’t include any of the WBD jewels in Sky TV’s crown. Per NZH:

Kyne was very pleased to sign a new deal with Sky several weeks ago that sees Warner Bros Discovery’s HBO content remain on Sky’s Neon channel.

Sky will be pleased as well – some believed Warner Bros Discovery might bring its new streaming service Max to New Zealand immediately, meaning Sky lost the HBO content (eg, Yellowstone, Succession) as well as Warner Bros Discovery channels.

Max will come to New Zealand at some point but for now, Sky has that content for a couple more years at least.

Sky confirmed to me earlier this month that it was retaining “exclusive rights to all HBO, Max, WB titles”.

It was part of a belated response to questions about the fine details in Sky’s July 7 release about extending its partnership with WBD.

I asked if new Max originals that Sky’s not already licensed through its previous WBD deal were part of the new pact? For example,  The Penguin was the only new Max newcomer mentioned in the release.

Will other Max originals commissioned going forward be automatically included or will WBD be reserving these for its own streaming ambitions in NZ?

“Agreements as you can imagine are complex,” Sky said, “the press release contains the summary information we can share.”

Will Sky be losing anything from its previous WBD deal under the new arrangement? For example, has WBD excluded older HBO series like Westworld for a NZ FAST channel (like it’s done in the US) or Insecure for licensing to the likes of Netflix?

“No. The deal continues current content supply, Sky continues to be the home of HBO.”

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4 Responses to “ThreeNow to Be Overhauled But Not to the Max”

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    August 21, 2023 at 7:59 am

    So I wonder if ThreeNow will include classic Warner Bros shows like V or The Dukes of Hazzard 🤔

  2. I wonder if the overhaul is conditional on funding from the Govt? The more you hear (in the media) and the more you see (from cutting shows), the more you realise how deeply in the schtick WBDNZ is. With the usual election spending boost offsetting the deeply declining ad spend for the most important quarter into Xmas, if the finances don’t improve then I’m forecasting WBD to walk away from the asset (sic).

  3. Yellowstone is actually Paramount/Viacom, not HBO. I also note that the CB Strike titles which are HBO are up on 3Now. So there seems to be a bit of permeability there …

  4. D’oh! Thanks, Lisa. I missed the Yellowstone reference. The perils of relying on other media for info …

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