Titanic Finale Looms on TV One

TV One is re-arranging its Friday night deck chairs to bail out of its topsy-turvy ratings as fast as it can.

After disastrous viewing figures for Titanic and Father and Son, it is expediting their exits from primetime.

The penultimate and final episodes of Titanic will be double-billed this Friday at 8.30pm, so it doesn’t drag down the network’s ratings for another week.

To accommodate this, the previously scheduled Father and Son is being bumped from 9.30pm to 11pm, where the last two episodes also will screen back-to-back (the pre-empted episodes of Rush and Rude Awakenings will play on May 4).

Next Friday at 8.30pm, TV One will air in HD and 5.1 sound the Oscar-nominated movie, An Education, while screening in the slot from May 11 will be a top HD drama series from the BBC.

It’s a sensible move on TV One’s part that minimises Titanic’s long-term damage amid buoyant ratings for the network — after several years of being in the doldrums — while largely keeping faith with the relative few who are following (or at least trying to) the shock flop from Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes.

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One Response to “Titanic Finale Looms on TV One”

  1. In the US, ABC showed the mini-series only over two nights rather than stringing it out over four weeks. Guess they knew people may be all Titanic-ed out. It’s a pity that the Titanic documentaries this month were only shown on Sky and not on FTA in NZ, though they are on SBS in Oz.

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