TiVo First to Go 3D in NZ

TiVo has become the first PVR to offer 3D downloads in NZ.

The Australian licensee for the home media device, Hybrid Television Services, has just announced that TiVo customers who own a 3D TV can, from today, enjoy pay-per-view 3D content delivered over broadband to the TV via CASPA.

The initiative with the DDD Group initially is limited to DDD’s Yabazam 3D animations and short films but will expand to include animation, extreme sports, documentaries, indie shorts, comedy and music videos.

According to the press release, “The introduction of DDD’s Yabazam content to the ever-growing CASPA portfolio further reinforces Hybrid TV’s commitment to becoming the leading provider of high quality 3D content delivered direct to the TV.

“In June, Hybrid TV announced that Australian TiVo customers could timeshift 3D broadcasts and launched the first 3D on-demand content on CASPA, featuring a range of Disney 3D movie trailers for upcoming cinematic release films.

“Now Hybrid TV is delivering on its promise with DDD providing CASPA customers across the Tasman with a growing assortment of pay-per-view 3D short films and animations, ranging between five minutes to one hour in length.”

DDD’s Yabazam content will be available for download via CASPA through TiVo on a pay-per view basis. Prices range from $2.95-$6.95 and content can be viewed as many times as the viewer wishes for 48 hours after downloading.

The Yabazam 3D content will add to the CASPA portfolio of more than 475 on-demand movies, and 2000-plus hours of TV shows, music videos, artist interviews and concerts.

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    September 17, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    As Telecom is selling these real cheap at present and I’ll go and buy one tomorrow. I need HD downloads long before I need 3D..

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