TiVo This: The Insiders Guide to Happiness

To mark Waitangi Day weekend, TiVo is offering free downloads of the award-winning NZ drama, The Insiders Guide to Happiness.

NZ On Screen provides a succinct perspective on the 2004 Gibson Group drama, which TiVo’s CASPA account holders can view free-of-charge between midnight Friday and midnight Sunday.

It’s not in HD but the stunt is indicative of what media devices like TiVo can deliver beyond the FreeviewHD channels.

Unfortunately, CASPA’s potential is still far greater than its product, which is limited to music videos, SD movies on demand (for a premium charge of $6.95) and TV series that typically cost $2-$3 an episode to download (the newest of which, series three of The Street, has yet to screen on TV One).

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