Tonight in HD: December 14

SoHo Highlight: Weeds (Sky 10, 9.30, 5.1) Nancy faces difficult choices when the Botwins head for the airport, where Andy attempts to calm the nerves of Shane and Warren, while Silas considers staying behind with Lar. Season six segues into season seven, which jumps ahead three years with Nancy on parole in a New York halfway house, and Silas, Shane, Andy and Doug having settled into new lives in Copenhagen. As the New York Daily News said, “Nancy Botwin has moved to New York, and that may give her Showtime series Weeds some of the fresh energy the move was designed to provide.” Agreed Newsday: “It feels fresh and amusing. True Blood did a similar fast-forward, and both have benefited.” Entertainment Weekly was more to the point: “Mercifully, it seems as if tonight’s episode will plant the seeds for a rebirth.” ✭✭✭✭

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R) Ross finds out that his ex-wife, Carol, is pregnant with his child, and Rachel decides to return her engagement ring to Barry.  ✭✭✭

Shortland Street (TV2, 7.00) Gabrielle insists her love is real; Hunter is running out of options; Maxwell walks into a trap. ✭✭✭

Johnny English (TV3, 7.30, 5.1, R)  “My name is Bean …” Rowan Atkinson plays a bumbling secret agent in a slapstick spy spoof that stretches patience more than his talent. Inexplicably, Natalie Imbruglia, Tim Pigott-Smith and John Malkovich co-star. (2003) ✭✭

Winners and Losers (TV One, 8.30) Bec grapples with her suspicions over Matt’s fidelity; Sophie faces the demons of her past; Jenny gears-up for her first date with Rhys. ✭✭

Harry’s Law (TV One, 9.30) Harry helps her ex-boyfriend defend an armed robbery case; Adam represents a drag queen fired for having an affair with his boss. ✭✭

V (TV2, 10.40) Erica takes charge of the global Fifth Column, and Anna, who moves closer to her goal of destroying humanity, finds a major obstacle in a certain Live Aboard candidate. ✭✭✭

CSI (TV3, 11.10, 5.1, R) When a young boy is found murdered, the CSI team uncovers evidence that may link his death to an old case that recently resurfaced. ✭✭

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