Tonight in HD: December 3

Soho Highlight: The Hour (Sky 10, 8.30) The war in Suez has the country divided and McCain steps up his pressure on The Hour to tow a pro-government line. But with a huge anti-war protest gathering in London, Freddie has other ideas. “This week, The Hour really did cometh,” The Guardian enthused, “with much of the episode centred on the frustrating parliamentary gag rule and the show’s difficulties in reporting on Eden’s desperately unpopular handling of the Suez crisis.” Concurred the AV Club: “There are some tremendous moments in tonight’s episode, tremendous moments that are tempered by some clumsier ones.” ✭✭✭✭

Keeping Up With the Joneses (TV One, 7.00)

The Secret Lives of Dancers (TV3, 4.00, R, F)  It’s a whistle stop tour of the country and fatigue sets in as the company gears up for their closing night. ✭✭✭✭

Accidentally on Purpose (TV3, 4.30, 5.1, R) Abby and Nick try to surprise Billie and Zack with a surprise baby shower, but their plan doesn’t go as well as expected. ✭✭

Trade Zone Gone Fishin’ (TV3, 5.30) ✭✭

Keeping Up With the Joneses (TV One, 7.00) Trevor the cranky cook wants to make a comeback as a jockey: he hasn’t ridden in 25 years and hopes Milton will lend him a horse. ✭✭✭

Ice Road Truckers (TV3, 7.30, 5.1) The truckers fall behind in delivering supplies to the oil fields, with a storm on the way. ✭✭✭

Winners and Losers (TV One, 11.10, R) If you won $8 million, would you share it with your friend? That’s the question that faces Bec, Frances and Sophie as they grapple with whether to give some of the money to Jenny. ✭✭

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