Tonight in HD: February 10

Idiots from top to bottom: Stephen Merchant, Karl Pilkington, Ricky Gervais

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Rachel loses Ross’ monkey, and the gang must find him before Animal Control does.

No Ordinary Family (TV2, 8.30)

Season premiere. The Powell family are about to go from ordinary to extraordinary after surviving a plane crash that leaves them each with unique and distinct super powers.

Bones (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Season premiere. Seven months after the Jeffersonian team went its separate ways, but with Cam’s reputation and career on the line, they reunite to help her solve the case of an unidentified young boy.

An Idiot Abroad (TV3, 9.30, 5.1)

Series premiere. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send reluctant traveller Karl Pilkington on a trip to see the Great Wall of China.

Fringe (TV2, 10.30)

Series return. When one of the ‘Observers’ kidnaps a woman, the Fringe team is called in to investigate – learning about their private lives, and unearthing Walter’s involvement with them years before.

The Cleaner (TV3, 11.15, R, 5.1)

A gifted teenage pianist has turned to meth to cope with the pressures in her life. Her father, who has been reluctantly supporting her habit out of fear of losing her, requests William’s help.

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