Tonight in HD: February 16

Nigel Latta

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

As Monica’s biological clock ticks away like a time bomb, Carol goes into labour, and Rachel flirts with a gynaecologist she meets at the hospital.

Two and a Half Men (TV2, 7.30)

When Lindsey asks Alan to move in with her, Charlie will do anything to get Alan to say yes.

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers (TV One, 8.00)

Season premiere. Nigel Latta returns with another irreverent and provocative approach to parenthood.

The Big Bang Theory (TV2, 8.30)

When Sheldon realises he won’t live long enough to download his consciousness into a robot body, he attempts to extend his lifespan.

Cougar Town (TV2, 9.00)

Jules has trouble coping when Travis gets set to leave for college; Laurie teaches Bobby how to use the internet on his laptop; Andy hatches an elaborate plan.

Sons of Anarchy (TV3, 9.30, 5.1)

Following a traumatic event, Gemma finds herself unable to tell either Clay or Jax about it. Tom Arnold guest stars.

The Mentalist (TV2, 10.30, R)

Season finale. Lisbon fears that serial killer Red John is drawing Patrick Jane into a trap when the CBI team investigates the murder of a young girl and the abduction of her twin sister.

Bones (TV3, 11.10, R, 5.1)

On a trip to China to inspect prehistoric remains, Brennan and Booth try to solve the airborne murder of a travel writer.

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