Tonight in HD: February 27

Modern Family's Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Julie Bowen

Hank (TV2, 5.00)

Frankie and Mike’s romantic plans for their anniversary are thwarted by a sick Brick, a lovesick Sue, a learner’s permit-toting Axl, two crazy aunts and their nappy wearing dog.

Pretty Little Liars (TV2, 5.30)

Old and new relationships are examined as the girls try to pay tribute to Alison’s memory. But with ‘A’ taunting them every step of the way, can the girls leave the past behind?

Joey (TV2, 6.30, R)

Joey and Michael host a party and invite all of their neighbours; Michael’s competitive friend brings his girlfriend, so Michael needs to get a date of his own.

North (TV One, 7.00)

Marcus Lush asks why the Hokianga can sometimes feel like a separate state of New Zealand; has a lesson in horse riding and astronomy; and grows sentimental about Opo the dolphin.

Modern Family (TV3, 7.00, 5.1)

In a Hitchcock-inspired instalment, Strangers on a Treadmill, Mitchell must inform Phil that his stand-up comedy is terrible, and Claire has to break the bad news to Cam that his biker shorts fad simply isn’t working. Quote of the night comes from Phil: “I’m not saying JJ is small, but in the real estate section he was described as ‘charming.'” What the critics say: AV Club, Television Blend.

The Almighty Johnsons (TV3, 10.30, R)

One of the things about goddesses is that they can show up anywhere, be it in a library or at a bar. But whether they are the goddesses you’re looking for is a whole other matter.

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