Tonight in HD: February 3

SoHo Highlight: Lackawanna Blues (Sky 10, 8.30, 5.1) An uplifting story of unconditional love fueled by rhythm and blues, in which a young boy’s life is shaped by the stories of characters in the boarding house where he lives. Said the New York Times: “This HBO film is set in a poor neighbourhood of Lackawanna, NY, and begins in 1956, a time when, as the narrator puts it, segregation forced blacks ‘to make their own heaven on earth’ … The film has moments of sadness and heartache, and many treacly ones, hammered home by the blind singer Robert Bradley crooning the blues on sidewalks and backdoor stoops, but Lackawanna is at its best when it captures the fleeting joys of lost days.” (2005) ✭✭✭

The Graham Norton Show (TV3, 9.10) Madonna discusses everything from her upcoming album and new movie to her supposed rivalry with Lady Gaga. Unlike previous interviews, where she referred to comparisons of herself to Gaga as “reductive”, Madonna compliments the pop princess and says they even share a similar sense of humour. “When I first saw her I was really impressed by her and she was cool. She did remind me of me back in the day.” ✭✭✭✭

Friends (TV2, 6.30) It’s Christmas and Monica tries tipping with cookies rather than cash, with mixed results; Phoebe tries to track down her real father. ✭✭✭

Shortland Street (TV2, 7.00) Murray lays down the gauntlet, Gabrielle has an emotional breakthrough, and Ula faces her fear of ostracism. ✭✭✭

Come Fly With Me (TV3, 10.10, 5.1, R) Immigration Officer Ian Foot pulls in Taaj for questioning as part of a random security check; how far Fearghal is prepared to go to get nominated for Steward of the Year? ✭✭

The Vampire Diaries (TV2, 10.30) While in Chicago with Klaus, Stefan runs into a vampire from his past, someone still interested in him after decades who will bring danger to Mystic Falls. ✭✭✭ 

Human Target (TV2, 11.30) Ames tries to conceal a secret from Winston; Guerrero and Chance try to conceal a secret from Ilsa. ✭✭✭

Numb3rs (TV3, 12.30, 5.1) Don helps a veteran FBI agent track an elusive con man who worms his way into companies and then steals millions. ✭✭

CSI: Miami (TV3, 1.30, 5.1, R)  When Horatio’s ex-girlfriend is killed in an explosion, the team looks within their own department to find the killer. ✭✭

Sky Movies Greats Premiere: Brokeback Mountain (Sky 22, 8.30, 5.1) Mournful, majestic ode to the call of those faraway hills for two cowboys who gotta’ do what gay men gotta’ do. Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal play lonesome drovers whose campfire friendship unexpectedly spills over into a forbidden love that haunts them – and their families – for the rest of their repressed lives. Director Ang Lee acutely contrasts the freedom of Wyoming’s spectacular vistas with the protagonists’ trapped desperation while Ledger and Gyllenhaal turn in performances just as breathtaking. (2005) ✭✭✭✭

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