Tonight in HD: February 7

Bigger Better Faster Stronger's James Coleman

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R)

Joey falls for Phoebe’s twin sister, Ursula, making Phoebe feel neglected, and Chandler is conflicted when he is told to fire an employee he is attracted to. Part one of two.

Bigger Better Faster Stronger (TV3, 8.00)

Season premiere. James Coleman and Greg Page remodel household items to solve problems created by their inherent limitations – such as harnessing the power of a homemade jet engine to increase the power of the domestic vacuum cleaner.

Criminal Minds (TV One, 8.30)

The BAU team searches for a serial killer who is preying on married couples; and  Hotchner looks to one of the team to fill JJ’s vacant role.

Desperate Housewives (TV2, 8.30, R)

Sixth-season finale recap. Angie has to make a shocking choice to protect her son, while Gaby comes to her rescue. And Lynette is in grave danger as she goes into labour in Eddie’s house, and a familiar face returns. (R)

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV3, 8.30, 5.1)

Season premiere. Langston fights for his life after being stabbed by psychopath Nate Haskell, while the other CSIs attend a funeral that turns deadly. Guest starring Justin Bieber.

The Almighty Johnsons (TV3, 9.30)

Series premiere. It is Axl Johnson’s 21st birthday – which explains the fire in the sky; the Waitemata Harbour being the colour of blood; the various women who seem to want to kill him; and the sudden need for a family ceremony in a forest.

City Homicide (TV One, 11.00)

A homeless man is bludgeoned to death. The case hits a raw nerve with Stanley: will it push him to reopen communications with ex-wife Linda?

Californication (TV3, 12.50, R, 5.1)

After getting dumped by Karen, Hank is relegated to living at Lew Ashby’s mansion; and he decides to seek out Ashby’s long lost love.

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