Tonight in HD: June 16

SoHo Highlight: Mad Men (Sky 10, 8.30, 5.1) Peter asks Joan to make an unspeakable sacrifice to help secure the Jaguar account; Peggy prepares to make a drastic move in response to Don’s treatment; Megan’s acting career creates tension between her and Don.The Hollywood Reporter called it “another outstanding episode” while Esquire magazine said it was about “what you can own and what you can’t, what you can keep and what was never yours to begin with. There’s so much drama and high stakes here, I might’ve mistaken it for the season finale. Anyway, not since Don pitched his campaign for Kodak’s slide-projector in the first season have the A-Plot product pitch and the A-Plot human drama of this show been so closely intertwined.” Asked The Guardian: “Did you expect this – that one episode would contain so much? A single 47-minute episode no less, of a series that seems to delight in delaying narrative gratification.” ✭✭✭✭✭

TradeZone Gone Fishin’ (TV3, 5.30) ✭✭

Hyundai Country Calendar (TV One, 7.00) A rural poet with a sense of humour and a partner to match. ✭✭✭✭

ITM Fishing Show (TV3, 7.00) Matt, Jake and the crew load up a Landcruiser and hitch on a Stabicraft in Cairns and then head north to tropical North Queensland. ✭✭✭

Judy Bailey’s Australia (TV One, 8.30) Series premiere: Judy Bailey explores the hidden secrets of our transTasman neighbour. ✭✭✭✭

Ice Road Truckers (TV3, 7.30, 5.1) With just three weeks to go, everyone is pushing it to the limit to get the freight to Deadhorse before the season ends. ✭✭✭

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV3, 8.30, 5.1) A blackout cripples the city and forces the CSIs to revert to old-school methods to solve the case of a missing child. ✭✭

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