Tonight in HD: May 28

SoHo Highlight: Game of Thrones (Sky 10, 8.30, 5.1) Theon receives a visitor and holds down the fort; Arya calls in her final debt with Jaqen in a way that displeases him; Robb is betrayed; Tyrion and Varys find common ground; Dany ignores Jorah’s advice; Stannis and Davos approach their destination; Davos is offered a reward. “This episode is an example of why Game of Thrones is worthy of the all the plaudits it has received,” said The Independent. “It had the right mixture of pace and character development which made it compelling to watch … The Prince of Winterfell offered some great insight into characters that have only been observed superficially so far. [And] in a Game of Thrones first, viewers witnessed a sex scene charged with genuine, raw emotion that left lust to one side and above all was an important part of the episode.” But other critics, like the Los Angeles Times, observed “not every episode of Game of Thrones can be filled with thrilling plot turns, and this week’s episode was one of those place-holders … Next week is the big blowout episode everyone’s been drooling for since before the season began. It’s the one written by the books’ author, George RR Martin, directed by Descent auteur Neil Marshall and featuring Stannis Baratheon’s all-out assault on King’s Landing. Based on the 30-second preview, it looks to be an epic hour of TV.” ✮✮✮✮

Movie: The Bank Job (TV3, 8.30, R) World’s Fastest Indian director Roger Donaldson dramatises, with lashings of sex, violence and humour, a 1971 Lloyds of London heist in which a gang of resourceful small-time thieves was used as patsies by British intelligence to avert a royal scandal. The ruse to retrieve incriminating photographs of Princess Margaret was compromised by double-crossing spooks, crooked cops, fiendish villains and bent politicians – some of whose names have been changed “to protect the guilty”. Jason Statham, Law & Order: Criminal Intent’s Saffron Burrows and Titanic’s Stephen Campbell Moore star. (2008) ✮✮✮

Home & Away (TV3, 5.30) Things go from bad to worse for Romeo; Indi’s distracted on her date with Logan; Heath wants to be a part of his baby’s life. ✮✮

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R) Joey’s girlfriend likes to punch him; Ross alienates his new neighbours when he refuses to contribute to the retirement donation for the janitor. ✮✮✮✮

Shortland Street (TV2, 7.00) A new connection leaves Libby conflicted; Ula suffers under Vasa’s thumb; Brooke’s bias spells trouble for Rachel. ✮✮✮

Last Man Standing (TV3, 7.30, 5.1) When the overzealous Mandy gets the chance to meet her idol, things don’t go exactly as planned, but the outcome is better than she could have ever imagined. Kim Kardashian guest stars. “I play myself, so if I do bad at this, I have some issues,” she told Entertainment Tonight of her appearance. “It’s fun to play the more dramatic version of myself.” ✮✮

Modern Family (TV3, 8.00, 5.1) It’s a day of realisations when Mitchell ruins one of Jay’s proudest golf moments, Phil overhears, and Gloria stumbles upon Claire’s dangerous little secret. New York magazine said Modern Family’s typical touchstones are to the fore in Virgin Territory.  “Pacing that’s super hectic yet seamlessly carried off. One-liners galore. Minor misunderstandings that lead to medium-size revelations and just a smidge of sap. A great big prat fall or two. Family brunch … The formula works really well, if at times it favours repetition over major plot development. And while some of the family secrets divulged were not exactly shocking, they did allow for some truly touching moments — even some subtlety amid the gleeful mayhem.” ✮✮✮✮

Criminal Minds (TV One, 8.30, 5.1) When his missing cousin reappears, Morgan is forced to confront a lie he told to protect his family. The BAU team are then forced to reopen the file on the disappearance. ✮✮

Desperate Housewives (TV2, 8.30, 5.1) While Susan wants to be involved in helping to raise her future granddaughter, Lynette does not; across the road, Orson convinces Bree to go away with him – perhaps never returning to Wisteria Lane. ✮✮

Person of Interest (TV One, 9.30, 5.1) The Machine’s latest mark puts Reese undercover with an armoured truck crew, a case that brings back painful memories of his last CIA mission. ✮✮

Revenge (TV2, 9.30, 5.1) As Daniel stands trial for murder, Victoria’s surprise reunion with her ex-lover poses a threat to her family’s struggles, and Jack’s search for Amanda is halted when he is questioned by police. ✮✮

Saving Grace (TV3, 11.30, 5.1) The romance between Doug and Maggie flowers so much that the couple sets a wedding date – but the big day is jeopardised when Maggie is attacked by a mysterious predator. ✮✮

Sky Movies Premiere: Sucker Punch (Sky 20, 8.30, 5.1) What Sucker Punch lacks in coherence and clarity it compensates for with panache and imagination. However, neither is enough to rescue it from graphic novel nuttiness or redeem its misogynistic overtones. Emily Browning plays an orphan whose abusive stepfather locks her up in an asylum where, just as she’s about to be lobotomised, she’s ‘transported’ to an alternate reality brothel. Zack Snyder (300, Watchmen) directs; Abbie Cornish, Scott Glenn, Californication’s Carla Gugino and  Mad Men’s Jon Hamm co-star. (2011) ✮✮✮

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