Tonight in HD: May 3

SoHo Highlight: Top Boy (Sky 10, 8.30) Season finale: Dushane’s loyalty to his accomplice and best friend, Sully, is tested; Heather goes into labour; Lisa, distraught and desperate, is left to rely on Leon to prevent certain tragedy. The Independent called part four “so tense that there were times when it was hard to watch. Ronan Bennett’s script, which declined to demonise anyone (except, possibly, a couple of very nasty white gangsters), finally got you to a point where you were desperate for a drug deal to go smoothly. It put you in a place, in other words, where the choices weren’t between good and bad anymore but between bad and much, much worse. And then, having spared us the very worst we feared, it showed you how the cycle would start all over again.The drama involved virtually no preaching at all, but a sense of morality was everywhere, as bad conscience flickered in the face of the toughest characters and grief hit the culpable and the blameless alike. Best of all, it always found a little time for something other than plot, whether it was banter on stairwells or the melancholy beauty of the city at night. Seriously good television.” The seriously good news is a second series will screen this year. ✮✮✮✮

Home & Away (TV3, 5.30) Bianca breaks plans with Liam and bonds with Darcy; Heath reveals Henri and Casey’s secret; Roo, Irene and Leah have some single ladies’ time. ✮✮

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R) In London for Ross’ wedding, Chandler and Joey argue while sightseeing while Rachel, after talking with Phoebe, realises she still loves Ross. ✮✮✮✮

Shortland Street (TV2, 7.00) Phoenix is isolated; Murray devises a plan for romance; Nicole proves that three’s a crowd. ✮✮✮

Once Upon a Time (TV2, 8.30, 5.1) David agrees to tell Kathryn about his relationship with Mary Margaret and end his loveless marriage; Prince Charming aids Abigail on a dangerous mission to recover something special. If you’ve wearied of this series, this episode could be a good time to rediscover it, the AV Club reckons. “A few episodes ago, I would have thought Once Upon A Time was an unsalvageable series, but after What Happened to Frederick, I’m beginning to see the potential in the show’s concept. This is an episode that fully commits to both worlds, fairy tale and real, and by heightening the fantasy, the drama becomes that much more effective. The fairybacks have a tone reminiscent of The Princess Bride with their economic special effects and cheeky dialogue, and if this show embraced that visual aesthetic and sense of humour, it could eliminate a lot of its faults.” ✮✮✮

The Finder (TV3, 8.30, 5.1) A severe hurricane strikes Southern Florida, but torrential weather will not stop Walter from searching for a female high school student who went missing during the storm. ✮✮

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