Tonight in HD: November 3

Chuck (TV2, 10,30)

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R) While auditioning for a Broadway play, Joey discovers he is only a good actor when he needs to go to the bathroom. Jeff Goldblum guest stars. ✫✫✫

Shortland Street (TV2, 7.00) Maxwell is offered greener pastures; Jill and Callum struggle with fallout; Vinnie is just the ticket for Brooke. ✫✫✫

The X Factor USA (TV3, 7.30, 5.1) Only the best are left to be coached in their individual categories. Will they dare to be as different as The Hollywood Reporter says the show should be in its 10 Tips to Improve The X Factor? ✫✫✫

Rove LA (TV3, 9.30) With Dexter’s Michael C Hall and kd lang. ✫✫✫✫

Chuck (TV2, 10.30) Season four resumes with an episode that divided critics: Chuck plans a secret mission – while on another secret mission in France; and back at the Buy More, Lester goes to Big Mike for romantic advice. The AV Club rated it a D: “The episode, like the season, was very uneven, relying far too much on fabricated moments that should come easy on — what has been up until season four — a breezy show.” But IGN gave it 8/10 and What’s Alan Watching called it “one of the strongest episodes of season four, particularly in the second half”. ✫✫✫✫

Rapid Response (TV One, 11.50, R) ✫✫

Underbelly: The Mr Asia Story (TV3, 11.45, R) Terry Clark decides to franchise his crime empire and expand into the UK market. ✫✫✫✫

Criminal Minds (TV One, 12.20, R) ✫✫

The Vampire Dairies (TV2, 2.35, R) ✫✫✫

SoHo Highlight: How to Make It In America (Sky 10, 8.00) Only Fools and Horses meets Sex and the City with an Entourage pedigree in this Big Apple comedy brimming with style, attitude and atmosphere. Bryan Greenberg (One Tree Hill) and Victor Rasuk play rag trade-wannabes from Brooklyn desperate to make it big in Manhattan with their schemes, dreams and seams. If you love New York, you’ll think How to just kosher, from its chic sense of place to its quirky yet gritty character. As Newsday observed, “Rare is the TV show that actually knows its way around Manhattan or the Bronx, and even rarer is the one that uses these spectacular locales as central characters.” But other critics were less enamoured, with most reviews ranging from middling (“doesn’t have a lotta laughs, but it’s got charm and a feel for the atmosphere of downtown art galleries, parties, and business hustling”, Entertainment Weekly) to lousy (“rather than art re-creating and explicating reality, How to is art mimicking reality shows, with all their annoyances and posing”, USA Today) . ✫✫✫✫

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