Tonight in HD: October 30

Raising Hope (TV3, 7,00)

Hellcats (TV2, 5.30) Savannah talks the team into letting Dan direct their bid video against Alice’s wishes; Marti investigates further into Julian’s case. ✫✫✫

Raising Hope (TV3, 7.00, 5.1) It’s Christmas, and Jimmy pleads with Burt to save a doll for Hope during his annual scheme of scalping the season’s hottest toy. “This isn’t the strongest episode of Raising Hope,” judged the AV Club’s B verdict, “but that may be because the sentiment that tends to pop up in holiday episodes doesn’t go as well with the show as the series might like. I get that the formula is 20 minutes of jokes, followed by two minutes of barely earned sentiment, but it sometimes felt like tonight’s episode was pushing too hard on the latter point. Still, it’s hard to entirely fault any show that features Phil from Better Off Ted cheerfully apologizing to Burt for not running over his mother-in-law and killing her.” ✫✫✫✫

Mike & Molly (TV2, 7.30) Mike and Carl’s annual pilgrimage to the Chicago Cubs’ Opening Day is interrupted when Molly comes along. ✫✫

The Middle (TV2, 8.00) The Hecks attempt to spring clean 20 years of junk accumulated throughout the house, but end up digging up things that were best left forgotten and buried. ✫✫

Movie: The Invention of Lying (TV3, 8.30, 5.1) Ricky Gervais directs himself in a comedy in which everyone tells the truth except for one man who, after discovering the act of lying, milks it to become the world’s most phenomenal performer. Tina Fey, Jennifer Garner and Rob Lowe co-star. (2009) ✫✫✫

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