Tonight in HD: September 16

The Vampire Diaries (TV2, 9.30)

Friends (TV2, 6.30, R) ✫✫✫

When Phoebe dates Monica’s assistant chef, they argue over who gets to dump him or fire him first; Rachel experiences the perils of dating while pregnant.

Shortland Street (TV2. 7.00) ✫✫✫

Maxwell chooses business over pleasure; Jasmine finds unexpected support; Bella stumbles on a new rug.

The Vampire Diaries (TV2, 9.30, F) ✫✫

Season finale: More than one life hangs in the balance as the consequences of the sacrifice ritual play out to a horrifying conclusion. Reviews: AV Club, Den of Geek.

The Best of Graham Norton (TV3, 9.40, R) ✫✫✫✫

BBC compilation of the best guests and moments.

Supernatural (TV2, 10.30) ✫✫✫✫

Dean and Bobby investigate a disappearance of virgins and discover dragons are behind the kidnapping. Now, Dean must prove himself worthy to slay the dragon. Review: TV of the Absurd.

Poking the Borax (TV3, 11.40) ✫✫

Didio gets an education from Vietnam veterans and a school principal; Titchy raps with hip-hop star Savage; and Pammie gets pampered.

NCIS (TV3, 12.10, 5.1, R) ✫✫

The team must rely on information from some questionable individuals to stop a criminal bent on stealing government secrets.

FlashForward (TV2, 12.30, R) ✫✫✫

Mark interrogates Hellinger about the next blackout; Aaron discovers Tracy’s link to Jericho; Lloyd figures out the equation in his flash-forward; Demetri debates helping Janis and Simon break into NLAP.

CSI: Miami (TV3, 1.05, 5.1, R) ✫✫

Three volleyball players mysteriously drop dead on the court while Calleigh’s testimony against Delko threatens his future as a CSI.

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