Top Gear Consolidates Before Overnight Reverse

The latest episode of Top Gear in the UK has just recorded the series its lowest overnight ratings in more than 15 years, drawing fewer viewers than any broadcast from the Jeremy Clarkson era.

“The show has now lost more than half of its audience since its series premiere, which attracted 4.3 million viewers,” The Independent reports.

“Viewership fell to 2.34M viewers on its fourth episode, beating the previous record low of 2.36M viewers on 15 June 2003.”

This is despite “more positive reviews” since the premiere, even though The Guardian notes the old team’s chemistry “has been impossible to emulate, and not helped by reports of internal tensions on the new show and the premature departure of its executive producer, Lisa Clark.”

Viewership’s also down in the US but there has been some good news, with the second episode’s consolidated ratings, which include catch-up viewing, being high enough to crack the top 15 in the UK and earn the show another 1.2 million viewers.

But even that was a “considerable drop” on the premiere and episode four’s flop has led to the Mirror betting episode five will fare even worse.

It quotes a bookmaker’s odds of the brakes being put on another series at 5/4 and co-presenter Matt LeBlanc’s chances of presenting season 24 at 2/1.

Episode four will screen this Sunday on Prime but the channel isn’t commenting on how well or poorly the reboot is doing here.

“We don’t release ratings information for any of our programmes,” a publicist said today.

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2 Responses to “Top Gear Consolidates Before Overnight Reverse”

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    June 21, 2016 at 1:50 pm

    Personally I don’t think it’s as bad as a lot of people are making out. Yes, Chris Evans is bloody annoying but the rest of the show is OK. Unfortunately people are comparing it to when Clarkson & co were presenting and the current presenters haven’t got the same rapport with each other yet.

  2. It’s actually worse! Even the great car journo Chris Harris is awful on this. Someone at the Beeb should have known this would tank. A clean slate show might have stood a better chance.

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