True Blood’s Last Rites to Air First on SoHo

SoHo will screen the seventh and final season of True Blood in HD ahead of its free-to-air SD premiere on Prime.

Sky announced this long-overdue redress this morning after allowing the previous two seasons of the vampire drama to air first on Prime — even though SoHo HD subscribers pay an extra $20 a month on top of a basic Sky sub to see HBO series like True Blood express from the US.

SoHo will premiere the final season on June 7, virtually a week behind HBO, and will precede it with a pop-up channel in May dedicated to the first six seasons.

Fresh episodes will air starting from 7.30pm each night: four episodes each weeknight, and five over the weekend, with second-chance viewings during the day.

Other May highlights include the May 30 premiere of comedy Silicon Valley, on a Friday night double-bill with season three of Episodes, and the premiere of the HBO movie, The Normal Heart (May 29).

The latter was directed by Ryan Murphy, the creator of Glee and American Horror Story, and will screen three days after its HBO premiere.

It stars Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts and The Big Bang Theory’s Jim Parsons in a drama about a gay activitist trying to raise awareness of Aids in the 1980s.

Silicon Valley launches this weekend in the US, where early reviews have been uniformly strong: “The pilot is flat-out brilliant … It’s the best, most wide-appeal show that HBO has had in ages” (The Hollywood Reporter); “captures the pack-wolf preening of guys whose muscles are located mostly above their necklines” (New York magazine); “the show is well structured, with blunt but effective sitcom beats, and, refreshingly, it isn’t an Entourage-tinted fantasy” (The New Yorker).

Even the Wall Street Journal was won over: “Silicon Valley, the latest creation of Mike Judge (Office Space, King of the Hill), gets off to a rough start Sunday night; one might say it tries too hard.

“But it’s certainly worth the 30-minute expenditure, because well before Episode 5 it’s in a comedic groove and seems destined to run beyond the eight-week run HBO currently has planned.”

May also provides yet another chance to see The Wire from the start (10.30 weeknights, from May 14), while Box Set Saturdays will feature True Detective (season one, May 3), Homeland (season three, May 10), Episodes (season two, May 17), Girls (season three, May 17),  The Killing (season three, May 24) and The Tunnel (season one, May 31).

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5 Responses to “True Blood’s Last Rites to Air First on SoHo”

  1. Warning: preg_replace(): Unknown modifier '/' in /home/customer/www/ on line 66
    April 4, 2014 at 7:27 pm

    Great to see True Blood screening on SoHo before screening on Prime. Also: SoHo HD subscribers only pay $10 per month not $20 per month.

  2. Quite agree re True Blood. But to see it in HD on SoHo you need to pay both $10 a month to receive the channel and $10 a month for an HD Ticket.

  3. Hi Philip. Because I have multiroom I don’t have to pay the $10 per month for an HD ticket. I just pay $10 for Soho channel

  4. And the cost of the MySky to get HD.

  5. Paid additional one off cost to get My Sky. I don’t pay for it any more.

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