TV One to Fire Up Cold Feet

TV One will use the revival of Cold Feet to try to turn up the heat on its competition on Thursdays.

The 8.30 slot is the domain of cosy or lighthearted dramas on the network but has none had the potential to be a hit like Cold Feet.

The ’90s original was a crowdpleaser and all but one of the original cast returns for this follow-up about how the characters are faring in middle-age.

The series has fared strongly with critics and viewers alike, rating well for ITV and generally getting the thumbs up from reviewers.

“Middle age – as a subject, not his own, though that must help – gives writer Mike Bullen a whole new area to explore, full of traps and miseries and even the occasional joy,” The Guardian said.

“Plus there are teenage kids around now to add an extra, multi-generational 21st-century layer.”

Mullen told The Telegraph he wrote Cold Feet because he wanted to “make a show that thirtysomethings could watch. At that time, there wasn’t anything that really spoke to us …

“That bittersweet tone is what set Cold Feet apart, and that’s what we’re trying to retain.”

“Revivals and reboots of long-gone shows can be like reunions,” the Daily Express cautioned. “Talked about a great deal, anticipated with mounting dread and ultimately a bit of a let down.

“In that way Cold Feet always had an advantage. It was about friends and couples, something universal, with no sell-by date.”

Cold Feet 2.0 was warm, funny, confident and, as always, cleverer than it looked,” The Times said. “ITV has something here that Netflix or Amazon, with all their hyped box sets, don’t: a witty, grown-up soap.”

But The Economist called it “tepid television … an attempt to cram in as many mid-life crises as possible.

“There are moments when the familiar Cold Feet emerges, instilling that warm, fuzzy feeling reminiscent of meeting an old friend. But, as a whole, something doesn’t sit quite right.”

TV One will screen Cold Feet 8.30 Thursdays from October 13.

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