TV Review: Fail Army

Fail Army: TV3, 10.00 Friday


By Doug Coutts

“Remember the good old days when you could totally screw up and only a handful of people would know about it? Nowadays every fail is captured on some sort of device to let the world know you’re far from perfect.”

So says the voiceover guy about five minutes into Fail Army. What he fails to mention is that not only is every fail captured but it’s uploaded to YouTube so you can watch it there without the ads and, even better, without the try-hard smartarse commentary.

Anyone can put together a handful of clips lifted off the internet, add a few sound effects and some trite narration, and many often do.  So many in fact it’s hard to see why a free-to-air broadcaster would bother screening such a show unless it’s a cheap alternative to infomercials.

Don’t bother with Fail Army.  The next time you’re online spend half an hour watching Russian car crashes or kids falling off skateboards.  The picture quality will be much better and you can wear headphones so the neighbours won’t be disturbed by the fake guffaws, yours or the ones on the soundtrack.

Doug Coutts has had a career in and around television for close to 40 years.  He spent 13 years as a floor manager at Avalon Studios before going freelance and never earning as much again. His writing has spanned TV genres — from Shortland Street dialoguery and quiz shows to documentaries and comedy — while a lengthy stint as TV reviewer in the Auckland Star earned him two mentions in Metro magazine’s Hot List and an angry letter from Jon Gadsby. You can read more of Doug (the satirist) at: Weakly Whirled News.

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3 Responses to “TV Review: Fail Army”

  1. TV3 is a major fail. 🙂

  2. Fail Army is THE worst show ever on TV since, like, FOREVER? And for one reason – the two dickwads hosting it. We watch it but now only with the volume right down.

  3. Agreed. This show is worthless. The host and whoever is writing this are horrible. Can’t believe you allow yourself to write garbage for $. Also: I’m seeing some 3+ year old videos put here and there throughout the show. 70%commercials/30%rediculousness already covers most of the fails seen in Fail Army’s TV show, and the other blooper shows put there easily cover the rest … repetitively. I really do not understand the logic in how someone approved this.

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