TV1 Gives Rake Heave-Ho

TV1 has delivered its verdict on Australian legal drama Rake: it won’t be picking up the third and final season after airing the first two in HD.

S3 is screening in SD on Sky’s premium movie channel Rialto and TV3 will premiere late-night the short-lived American re-make on February 13.

Rake S3 BD (R-114424-8)_But after ratings so dire for the first season that TV1 shifted it from mid-week to Sunday nights, the network has opted not to continue the original award-winner.

The good news for fans who want to see S3 in HD is next month Roadshow Entertainment will release it on Blu-ray.

In Australia, the S3 premiere on ABC coincided with another channel airing the US Rake.

It stars Greg Kinnear in the Richard Roxburgh role and was favourably reviewed.

House comparisons will surely abound, but Rake is easily one of the more confident network dramas to come our way of late,” said The Washington Post when it debuted a year ago.

The New York Times thought “the writing smart and the episodes well structured” and Entertainment Weekly said Kinnear was “pitch-perfect“.

But The Hollywood Reporter dismissed Rake as “an overly familiar character study and an under-developed law procedural” and TV Guide said its “uneven tone … makes Ally McBeal seem grounded in reality”.

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One Response to “TV1 Gives Rake Heave-Ho”

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    February 5, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    There’s no accounting for taste. Rake was one of the finest dramas to come out of Aus and the third series was a fitting conclusion to the show.
    In comparison, the US remake is a strong reason why US TV should not be allowed to get their hands on non-US dramas.

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