TV1’s Stalker Gets Marching Orders

Nothing last forever but the first casualty of the new TV season, TV1’s lurid Monday night thriller, Stalker, isn’t even going to make it to six weeks.

It’s rated poorly since launching on January 12 and will be pulled five weeks into a 16-week season — the same night stablemate Castle ends it run.

Given Stalker’s unlikely to be renewed in the US, expect TV1 to run out the remaining episodes late-night rather than try to make it work in another slot.

The network is replacing it with another newcomer, Forever.

It stars Ioan Gruffudd (Hornblower) as an immortal, crime-solving New York City medical examiner in a premise reminiscent of a TV3 series that aired a few years ago, New Amsterdam.

USA Today said his “ability to cheat death may be absurd, but the writers seem to have thought through the gimmick, from the reason why no one catches on (if they do, he moves) to the skills a long life has allowed him to develop.

“They need to put a bit more thought into the mysteries themselves, which lean toward the clunky.”

Forever isn’t the freshest new show this fall, but its classiness is appreciated,” said The Washington Post while The Hollywood Reporter called it “an easy hour because Gruffudd is a fine, quite likeable actor, and the mystery-of-the-week procedural continues to be candy for views”.

But Variety felt the series “more mundane than its concept” and the Boston Herald quipped it “comes off like a show a couple of drunks scribbled out on a cocktail napkin”.

While most critics gave Forever scant chance of survival, ABC ordered a full season — but has still to renew it for a second.

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3 Responses to “TV1’s Stalker Gets Marching Orders”

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    February 4, 2015 at 1:28 am

    Well, this decision sucks. I was getting into Stalker and I actually thought it would return the following week after the two-hour premiere of Forever. TV One could at least let Stalker play out its season at 9.30. Maybe this is the case of a show that could of worked better on TV2 or the other reason being summer has been quite good this year and TV One launching its new season early proved fatal. I’m guessing Criminal Minds will slot in as its replacement.

  2. It’s possible Stalker will return the following week at 9.30. TV1 has stuck with low-rating dramas previously in primetime (Scandal, Nashville, Hostages) but I’m picking TV1 will use the season finale of Castle to overhaul its Monday line-up before the new season progresses much further and won’t invest further in a US series that’s unlikely to have a future beyond its first season.

  3. And I agree — Stalker would be just perfect for TV2 and up against TV3’s Blacklist.

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