TV2’s The Voice Dropped From Primetime

TV2 is dropping The Voice from primetime and will screen new episodes off-peak in Saturday and Sunday morning slots.

It had hoped to score top ratings by screening the latest season much closer to the US.

But after stumbling in the 7.30 Friday slot, it was pushed back to 8.45, where it will air for the last time on May 13.

Movies will replace it in the meantime, starting with an SD re-run of Limitless on May 20.

New episodes of The Voice will continue 11am Saturday and 10.25am Sunday, in slots where TV2 previously aired same-week re-runs.

The Voice’s US ratings remain “steady“.

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6 Responses to “TV2’s The Voice Dropped From Primetime”

  1. Does American reality work on any channel anymore? Seems it has to be Australia/NZ for it to survive in primetime. One suspects The Voice Australia will still get a run in primetime here. Given that started this week I’m not sure why TV2 didn’t wait for that to start.

  2. Have to give it to TV2 for trying, especially after two attempts. The Voice should be an ondemand exclusive and express within hours of its US premiere. I think The Voice AU will get a primetime run as it has in the past and it out performs it’s American counterpart in the ratings.

  3. I’m waiting for the article saying TV2 will screen classic Simpsons weeknights at 6pm … After reading one of your previous posts that Friends will be replaced by AFHV is annoying because that show has been on for countless years. The Simpsons haven’t been off this long since as long as I’ve known it … It was noticed by a Facebook post that classic Simpsons episodes won’t begin till later in the year … That response baffles me cause what are they waiting for when they have rights to the show put more on? I guess we continue with the waiting game … Heard anything yourself, Phil …?

  4. Perhaps they don’t actually have the rights to catalogue The Simpsons episodes yet? Who knows.

  5. TVNZ does hold the rights to classic Simpsons. But it isn’t disclosing which seasons or when they will air. The smart money will be on 5pm or 6pm weeknights, depending on how far back into Springfield’s past they go. If they dredge up the 4:3 SD seasons, which creatively were the best, I would pick 5pm; if they go from S20, 6pm — although it’s likely re-runs of the most recent seasons will alternate with new season 7pm Sundays, as they will be new to much of TV2’s audience. The other factor is Sky’s rights to earlier seasons and whether TV2 sees any mileage in these given they’re on a perpetual repeat loop on The Box. Lastly, TV2 may be holding back classic Simpsons to run out its licences on shows like AFHV and The Middle or for bookkeeping reasons.

  6. Well I think we should gain an entertaining new quiz game show and placing The Simpsons over at well say at 5 pm and then we will see how the ratings will work out from there or not.

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