TV3 Bumps Crisis and Hawaii Five-O

TV3 is replacing its struggling new drama series Crisis and its stablemate, Hawaii Five-O, with movies from Tuesday.

Crisis will shift to 11.30 Thursdays, replacing re-runs of Bones, while Five-O has yet to be rescheduled.

The first of the movies to screen 8.30 Tuesdays will be Happy Gilmore on July 22 and Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story the following week.

Despite incrementally improving from week-to-week, TV3 clearly thought Crisis would never hold its own against TV2’s new Tuesday night drawcard, The Amazing Race: Australia v NZ.

Race was meant to premiere on July 29 but because Channel Seven in Australia is delaying its launch for a week, TV2’s had to follow suit and programme the movie, Bad Teacher, as a filler.

Why TV3 had such faith in Crisis in the first place is puzzling, given its low-rating track record with conspiracy thrillers like 24 and The Event, and the axing of Crisis in the US.

The rescheduling is a blow to fans of Five-O, which has just started its fourth season after slowly rebuilding an audience on Sunday nights for most of the year.

Having painstakingly revived Five-O’s fortunes, TV3 wasn’t prepared to let a critically weak lead-in jeopardise its prospects of becoming another NCIS for the network.

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23 Responses to “TV3 Bumps Crisis and Hawaii Five-O”

  1. Happy Gilmore, Dodgeball … Where is the satisfaction? Where is the incentive to view TV3 with junk like that. The alternative is reality TV on TV2. Neither is appealing to me.

  2. So – after bumping 5-0 again, are we going to see it at a later timeslot, like the last time when it was bumped to 11.30pm? Hope all the 5-0 fans get on board to get TV3 to give us some continuation of viewing!!!

  3. No, Annie, TV3 has revived H5O and will hold it until a suitable lead-in is found, hopefully TV3 pairs it up with CSI or a fast tracked The Blacklist.

  4. I actually think that Dodgeball was a fairly entertaining movie. I totally agree with Annie. At the very least TV3 should screen Hawaii Five-O late at night so we can continue watching this series without a break.

  5. I’m told [confidentially] that the same group who kidnapped Washington’s finest families in Crisis are also holding the children of TV3’s programers. Crisis is a reality doco of the whole plot. The H50 can’t act to counter this. Fast tracking the return of RED will help — he knows where to find the dastardly ones!

  6. I got a tweet from TV 3 today saying they were going to play Five-O on Friday nights at 11pm. Currently there are Five-O repeats playing at that time so I’m hoping that from next week they start from where they left off at Season 4 episode 2. I have asked them to clarify and waiting on a response. Still not impressed that it’s that late, it keeps shifting times and days, how are people supposed to keep up?!! And it’s a great way to lose viewers :(

  7. Thanks for the updates, Caroline and Leo. But have just checked with TV3 and they tell me H5O has yet to be rescheduled. Replacing the 11pm Friday re-runs is a repeat of Harry from August 1.

  8. I didn’t mind Crisis – was better viewing than endless endless endless ‘talent’ shows, house renovation competitions and cooking competitions. And what’s on as a replacement? – (bad) movies that have been on numerous times before. Bah humbug

  9. Stop changing the days and times of H5O. Love the programme. Please hurry up and reschedule season 4 and bring it back!

  10. We have been shafted again. Crisis was developing well, no announcement — just stop it in its tracks. Not a fair go folks, time TV3 was closed down like the rest. Cooking, talent shows and renovation are not our scene, goodbye.

  11. Was enjoying Crisis. Not amazing but watchable and a relief from all the reality cooking and talent shows. Rather read a book.

  12. We were enjoying Crisis — also not a fan of reality shows, thank goodness for MySky …

  13. I agree with Gerry. We were enjoying Crisis it was good viewing. Why advertise a new series, get us all interested then take it away. Very disappointing.

  14. Gutted. Now what am I meant to watch.
    Not bloody repeats of crap movies.

  15. I was really looking forward to seeing Crisis on Tuesday at 8:30 I sat down with my cup of tea and was all ready when I checked the TV guide only to find Crisis was not on there. The movement to Thursday 11:30 really pissed me off as it’s far too late for me to watch now, bloody ridiculous.

  16. I really don’t understand television programmers – why do they get fans used to watching H50 at a certain time of the week and then move it to a completely different time with minimal fanfare? I missed the first two episodes of the new season because I thought it was another repeat.
    If you manage to get people into a habit, why change the habit?

  17. So … Crisis was just getting going, looking interesting … and then it disappears without warning or notice. Replaced with crappy reruns, and shifted – without advance notice for those of us trying to find it – to a time far too late for most people to watch. Forget it TV3, you’ve lost me!

  18. Disappointed in TV3. Don’t mind what time or day H5O is on just let us know so we can at least MySky it and get to watch it, rather than swapping days/times and then taking it off altogether. Doesn’t make sense.

  19. I’m so sick of TV3 taking H50 off and putting back on at random times! It’s one of my favourite shows! I have taken to watching season 4 online. TV3 you suck!

  20. Please bring back H50, even if it’s late at night – that’s what MySky is for! you can’t just screen the first episode then leave us hanging for months while we watch CSI repeats.

  21. Still no sign of Hawaii Five 0 returning to our screens?

  22. No, not yet Mark. And when it does, it will be late-night, most likely on a Friday or Saturday once The Blacklist or Blue Bloods ends.

  23. I don’t mind if it on a late night as it is easy to record and watch later

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