TV3 Gets Into Gear With Top Deal

After years of enduring Top Gear in SD on Prime, fans of Jeremy Clarkson and co can look forward to seeing their latest series in HD when it premieres next month on TV3.

In a surprise announcement this morning, MediaWorks revealed it had acquired the world’s most widely watched factual TV programme — 350 million viewers in 214 territories — in a long-term deal with BBC Worldwide.

According to the press release, the new, 10-part series (#22) and the controversial, two-part Patagonia special, which recently transmitted in the UK, will air from February.

Top Gear is an iconic television series, hugely popular with audiences all around the world and we’re tremendously excited about its arrival at TV3,” the network’s director of programming, Mark Caulton, says.

“The series represents a ‘marquee’ addition to our stellar line-up for 2015 and demonstrates our commitment to deliver the very best entertainment content for our audience.”

The new deal also includes forthcoming Top Gear specials and the Top Gear US series and complements TV3’s live motoring coverage.

Programme information: 

Top Gear Patagonia Special 

Featuring the most grueling car exploits yet, the special sees the boys take three V8 sports cars on a 1600 mile trek through Patagonia.

The usual habitat for a Porsche 928, a Lotus Esprit and a Ford Mustang is the civilized world of tarmac, but in the hands of Jeremy, Richard and James, these three sports-bred machines face swamps, deserts, forests, beaches and ski slopes as they try to get to the southernmost city in the world, in order to stage an epic game of card football against Argentina.

Along the way there are broken bones, epic backdrops, mechanical calamities and cows, plus a climax that wasn’t exactly the one that was expected.

Top Gear Series 22 

The new series of Top Gear is explosive and extra-long. In the first episode, Jeremy, Richard and James are in Russia for an incredible race across the vast and very beautiful urban landscape of St Petersburg.

May defends the honour of the car in a very small Renault, Hammond tries to prove that pedalling is faster by saddling up a bicycle, whilst Clarkson attempts to demonstrate that water is the quickest way across town, especially if you’re in a hovercraft.

To make matters more complicated, all three presenters are racing not only each other but also The Stig, who is silently making his way towards the finish line on public transport.

Also in the first episode, Richard Hammond is at the test track to find out if the dramatic new Lamborghini Huracan is as flamboyant and fun as an Italian supercar should be.

Plus, another top celebrity guest tests their steely eyed driving skills as the “Star in the Reasonably Priced Car”.

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7 Responses to “TV3 Gets Into Gear With Top Deal”

  1. Yay! Fantastic news.

  2. Finally in HD! Too bad the show is stale and should have been retired years ago.

  3. Awesome news, can’t wait to see Top Gear in HD.

  4. Yes, having to wait so long to see it broadcast in HD is as ridiculous as Sky feeling compelled to remind Throng it still would be screening older episodes on Prime and BBC Knowledge — which is kind of like asking viewers to choose between going for a ride in a Ferrari or a Morris Minor.

  5. This is awesome news for fans and MediaWorks are going from strength to strength. Hopefully this translates into strong ratings for the company. 2015 is shapping up to be a big year for MediaWorks. Yeah, saw that on Throng, talk about unnecessary.

  6. I wish TV3 would also get the rights to Doctor Who, would be wonderful seeing it in HD 🙂

  7. These ad-filled and possibly edited versions are for the casual viewer. Serious fans will have already seen these series in HD via non-broadcast means.

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