TV3 Previews 2017 Newcomers


TV3’s new season launch today was more notable for what won’t be new next year.

The network is relying on returning local and international properties for much of its schedule and has confirmed it doesn’t have the rights to Planet Earth II — which seems an extraordinary lost opportunity given it represents the pinnacle of television production.

Other than The Project, TV3’s latest attempt to improve its 7.00 weeknight prospects after botching the promise of Story, here’s a handful of newcomers to watch for in 2017:

Hyde & Seek: Trans-Tasman thriller about a detective who uncovers a criminal conspiracy while investigating the murder of his best friend, which leads to a manhunt across Australia and NZ. “Get past the dreadfully corny name of the show and there’s much to like here,” was the Sydney Morning Herald’s verdict on the latest series from Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan (Filthy Rich, Dirty Laundry).

This Time Next Year: Real-life transformations that have taken 12 months for the participants are revealed in an instant to a studio audience, from losing half their body weight to becoming a parent.

Hamish & Andy: The duo’s new format is being promoted as “one of the most exciting concepts of recent years”.

The New Celebrity Apprentice: Arnold Schwarzenegger takes over from you-know-who, with the help of Steve Ballmer, Tyra Banks, Jessica Alba and Warren Buffett.

Returning will be The Block New ZealandThe Bachelor7 Days, Jono and Ben, Family FeudWestside, Grand Designs NZLost & FoundFail ArmyThe Block AustraliaThe Graham Norton Show, Humans, Grand Designs UK, Live at the ApolloSVUNCISNCIS: LA, The BlacklistMarried At First Sight Australia, Wanted, Chicago Med, Hawaii Five-O and Beach Cops.

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19 Responses to “TV3 Previews 2017 Newcomers”

  1. I hope TV3 have got more new shows than that, I remember a time when they had heaps of new shows and they weren’t all reality related :)

  2. I agree, Trevor. Have asked the network about some other content but still waiting for reply.

  3. It’s hard to believe that MediaWorks a couple years ago boasted having three major output deals and a plethora of shows, how times have changed.

  4. Just a note: is this year’s X Factor UK airing over summer and is the guilty pleasure Real Housewives of Auckland coming back?

  5. I don’t think a decisions been made re Housewives yet and there’s no sign of XFUK on TV3’s advance schedules but will check with the network.

  6. The return of Blue Bloods?

  7. I know I’m in the wrong section but I just thought I would mention that JB Hi-Fi have got the classic TV show Blu-ray boxset of Batman in stock, I got mine today :)

  8. Yes, Blue Bloods will be back. TV3 didn’t highlight it because it’s not primetime fare (but did rate quite well before the network screwed up its Saturday night crime time scheduling).

  9. Thanks, Trevor. It’s meant to be a lot of fun.

  10. Sorry, Leo, TV3 isn’t picking up the latest season of XFUK.

  11. Wow. That’s disappointing to hear considering this year is way more interesting than last and ten times better than this year’s appalling X Factor Australia. Thanks again, Philip, for the updates and info.

  12. For sure Philip, it certainly makes me smile and it looks excellent with bright colours and everything and also with over 3 hours of extras but sadly no commentaries :)

  13. Thanks Philip. I know it’s not relating to 2017 but are we expecting Survivor back five afternoons/evenings a week on TV3 as we have seen for the last couple of seasons? Hopefully in December?

  14. Yes. You can expect TV3’s fringe peak strategy of airing Survivor on consecutive weekdays to continue, culminating in the finale airing within days (if not hours) of the US broadcast.

  15. Thanks, Philip. Now all I need is news on American Crime ?

  16. Fingers crossed it will be early in the new year. TVNZ 1 keeps adding and removing it from its late-night schedule. Its treatment of this outstanding drama series has been shameful.

  17. Will there be more still ahead for TVNZ in their 2017 season than what they all ready have coming?

  18. Yes, indeed. Expect many of the new season highlights to roll out in the first few months on next year, with other yet-to-be disclosed titles to follow.

  19. But what’s still to come this year, through our winter season on TVNZ 1 and TVNZ 2? Can you please update me on this, thanks, Philip?

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