TV3 Swaps Car Crash Show For Plane Crash Doco

TV3 has made a late change to its Monday night schedule to screen a more topical documentary than the previously listed programme.

Pre-empting Car Crash Britain at 9.30 is the HD Channel 4 doco, How Safe Are Our Planes?.

It aired in Britain a week after the Airbus 320 en route from Barcelona to Dusseldorf crashed in the Alps with the loss of 150 lives.

“After initial concerns over mechanical failure or an act of terrorism, it was eventually revealed to be an act of mass murder committed by the co-pilot,” says the publicity.

“This documentary asks whether air travel is still the safest form of transport, examining the airline industry’s safety record and incidents involving pilot error or emotional breakdown.”

According to one website, the programme’s emphasis on the recent tragedy and the alleged bouts of depression suffered by co-pilot Andreas Lubitz did not sit well with many viewers.

“Some have hit out at the show for trying to make a sensationalist angle out of a horrendous event while others have felt that Channel 4 took an unsympathetic stance to those suffering with depression.

“With the show getting a huge online response, there is no doubt that it has raised further discussion on the topic.

“But was it too soon to air something so close to the knuckle when so many are suffering the after effects of the crash?

“And is it fair to increase people’s existing (and often unfounded) fears of flying?”

The doco averaged 4.9% of viewers in the UK, when it aired opposite MasterChef (27.3%), Big Star’s Little Star (17.0%) and The Ladykillers (5.7%).

Car Crash Britain will now premiere on April 20.

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