TV3 to Go Wall-to-Wall HD?

Expect a big jump in TV3’s primetime HD content.

The network will unveil its 2011 highlights to media and ad agencies this week, when it’s also tipped to announce major management changes.

One of next year’s biggest breakthroughs will be most of TV3’s US content screening in HD.

Until now, one of its key suppliers, NBC Universal, has refused to licence its shows in HD unless TV3 paid a premium.

Because the network wouldn’t, series like House, Trauma, Heroes, SVU, Law & Order and Parenthood, as well as Universal’s movie library, have continued to air here in SD.

The dispute was reminiscent of a mid-‘70s spat between TVNZ and MCA Universal, when the broadcaster refused to pay above its going rate for the latter’s shows, hence the likes of Roots and The Rockford Files not screening here until the ‘80s.

The current impasse was resolved only when TV3 recently renewed its output deal with NBC Universal.

That means all of the NBC Universal shows should be in HD next year, the exception being those relegated to C4, such as The Office and 30 Rock.

Among the HD newcomers will be The Event, Chase, The Cape, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Love Bites, Outlaw, Outsourced and Perfect Couples.

The Event, Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outlaw and Outsourced already have gone to air in the US, with mixed results, while Chase, The Cape, Love Bites and Perfect Couples are mid-season replacements.

None of the first batch has fared especially well in the ratings, a fate most new-season shows have shared.

Outlaw, a legal drama starring Jimmy Smits, already has stopped production, and The Event, a serialised conspiracy thriller, and L&O: LA, a self-explanatory spin-off, have faltered after strong starts.

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  1. Now if only MW can get C4 to HD and that would cover all bases..

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