TV3 Yet to Get House in HD Order

House's Hugh Laurie

Season seven of House opens tonight (TV3, 8.30) but it still won’t be in HD — despite MediaWorks TV resolving its HD dispute with distributor NBC-Universal.

The distributor has been an exclusive supplier of TV3’s since the channel launched 21 years ago.

But in TV3’s first few years as an HD broadcaster, NBC-Universal wouldn’t provide HD masters of shows like House and SVU unless it was paid extra.

MediaWorks TV thought this had been sorted when it negotiated a new volume deal with the distributor.

But it turns out the new terms apply only to new NBC-Universal series, such as The Event — not ongoing staples like House and Law & Order.

Meanwhile, it’s still not clear when House will be released here on Blu-ray.

At one stage it looked as if season six would come out on the format in Australasia but so far its distribution has been limited to the US and the UK.

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2 Responses to “TV3 Yet to Get House in HD Order”

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    February 7, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    I’ve enjoyed watching series 7 in HD and DD5.1 on CH Usenet..

  2. New Zealand television is so out of date it just isn’t funny. Only 75% of the country has access to the good shows without a satellite dish and Sky and the other 25% is supposed to pay over $500 plus a monthly subscription to get what the is free for the other 75% which is completely unfair. The ridiculous government is expecting New Zealand to switch over to digital next year like most of the world uses has been doing since at least 2005. Well, I have to admit I think they will fail miserably unless they update their broadcasting transmitters and receivers to extend it to ALL of New Zealand. And people wonder why so many television shows, music and movies are watched and downloaded illegally.

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