TVNZ 2 Commissions 7 Days Soundalike

TVNZ 2 will screen later this year a new Kiwi panel show that sounds like a variation on Three’s perennially popular 7 Days.

The network dubs Have You Been Paying Attention? a “fast paced quiz series” that turns “headlines into punchlines, with nothing being off-limits and a hilarious new way to digest the week’s news”.

The Great Kiwi Bake Off’s Hayley Sproull will host the show, while among the regular panellists will be Urzila Carson and Vaughan Smith.

Carson’s also a staple of the Australian original, which has been running since 2016 and has been picked up by CBS for a US version.

The first season rated poorly but the show has evolved into Network Ten’s most popular series after MasterChef and The Bachelor.

The Sydney Morning Herald called it the “naughtiest and funniest show” on TV and “an instructive lesson in how to make TV both elegant and simple”.

Here’s the TVNZ press release:

Buzzers at the ready: Have You Been Paying Attention?, is getting a Kiwi comedy twist when this fast paced quiz series lands on TVNZ 2 later this year!

This new weekly series is an original Australian format that’s big on laughs, turning headlines into punch lines, with nothing being off-limits and a hilarious new way to digest the week’s news.

Comedian, actress and host of TVNZ 2’s The Great Kiwi Bake Off; Hayley Sproull will take on the role of host, trying to keep five comedians in-line each week. Those keeping Hayley on her toes are regular contestants Urzila Carlson, the comedy queen who’s appeared on the Australian version and radio funny man Vaughan Smith (ZM’s Fletch, Vaughan and Megan).

Of her new gig, Sproull says: “I generally operate at a pretty rapid pace, so to host this fast paced, wild ride of a show is a perfect fit and I can’t wait! Urzila and Vaughan are going to be two very hilarious, naughty rascals to contain, but I think I can handle them.”

Have You Been Paying Attention? will test New Zealand’s comedy talent in a battle of wits each week. Regulars Urzila and Vaughan will showcase their current affairs prowess alongside three rotating guests, unpacking the hot topics of the week: politics, sports, pop culture news and international affairs to test just who’s been paying attention…

When asked about what viewers can expect, Sproull says: “Kiwis will love seeing some fresh as well as some familiar faces each week and I can promise you’ll become addicted to the show and will be screaming the answers at the tele.”

Have You Been Paying Attention? is set to premiere on TVNZ 2 later this year.

Be part of the audience! See the action play out LIVE, as our contestants show off their knowledge of all-things news of the week and more importantly – just how well our contestants have been paying attention! For more information PLEASE CLICK HERE.

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Have You Been Paying Attention? is produced in-house by TVNZ. It is based on the production by Working Dog Productions.

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8 Responses to “TVNZ 2 Commissions 7 Days Soundalike”

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    June 9, 2019 at 4:43 pm

    I was thinking the same thing Philip and I bet they have it on Friday nights up against 7 Days 🙂

  2. I think I’ll stick with the original and funniest version Mock the Week.

  3. Is it fully funded by TVNZ or will it be part funded by NZ On Air?

  4. It looks like a solo TVNZ project. Normally when the broadcaster announces a new production, the NZOA funding commitment is prominent in the press release and there’s no mention of it (or on NZOA’s site).

  5. I doubt NZOA would have entertained funding it given how similar it is to 7 Days. Vaughan told his radio co-stars this morning it would be airing at 7:30 Wednesdays “in a few weeks”.

  6. Thanks, Clint. Good to know.

  7. I’m not convinced it’ll work with TV2 audiences. Despite the comedic aspect, the show is a little more news & current affairs-heavy than 7 Days is. Depends whether TVNZ are prepared to stick with it past an average rating first season.

  8. Well, for me I could say that TVNZ 2 will win this with way better ratings and it should go Thursdays in primetime.

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