TVNZ 2 Scotches Whiskey Cavalier

TVNZ 2 has axed twice-weekly broadcasts of Whiskey Cavalier the same week it launched them.

As of next week, the low-rating spy romp will revert to once-a-week airings, but in a later slot: 9.35 Wednesdays instead of 8.30 Wednesdays.

Why the network ever thought it would work in peak hour two nights in a row is baffling, given it was never a breakout hit in its original slot.

It will replace Station 19 from May 8 while taking over the 8.30 Thursday slot from May 9 will be the resumption of First Dates Australia (from episode nine of season three).

In the meantime, TVNZ 2 will screen one-off docos at 8.30 Wednesdays, starting with Britain’s Pushiest Parents on May 8 and continuing with World’s Fattest Man 3 on May 15.

On May 22, it will screen a Big Bang Special at 9.00, five days days after it airs the series finale the same day as the US.

Watch for an analysis of the ratings that led to this radical rescheduling.

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2 Responses to “TVNZ 2 Scotches Whiskey Cavalier”

  1. Message to the network bosses: If you bugger around with the schedule for shows … surprise surprise people get fed up and give up! It’s not all about the profit for these schedulers … think about our Freeview series links and the continuation of programming – people invest in shows and for them to be cut from underneath you really grates. Look at the dog’s breakfast you have made of H5O – a complete car crash with absolutely no consideration of your audience! And they wonder why unlimited fibre uptake has been so big in NZ?! I’m downloading WC as I want to watch it unencumbered by adverts and to be able to watch when I want …

  2. What Rosco said! Pandering to ratings/advertising/whatever will only lose viewers who have little reason to stick with linear viewing.

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