TVNZ 2 Upends Scheduling Legacy for New Line-Up

TVNZ 2 will use the return of My Kitchen Rules and the premiere of 24: Legacy to shake up its schedule.

The Australian MKR will air 7.30 Sunday-Tuesday from February 12 while 24: Legacy and new episodes of Lethal Weapon will turn traditionally touchy-feely Tuesday nights into an action expo.

This Is Us, which originally aired Tuesdays, will switch to Wednesdays, with its February 15 mid-season premiere following new episodes of The Big Bang Theory and Mom.

The same week will mark the mid-season premiere of The Walking Dead (9.45 Monday) and the season 28 launch of The Simpsons in the slot where the long-in-the-tooth ‘toon should have aired last year: 7.00 Sundays (earlier seasons will screen 5.00 weekdays from February 13 and 6.00 Saturdays and Sundays).

Fridays will also be “refreshed” with dated prank show Balls of Steel sandwiched between Take Me Out and Jimmy Carr’s Distraction, which aired from 2004-6 in the UK.

Why TVNZ 2 would want to pit SD relics BoS and Distraction against top-rating HD light-ent on TV3 is inexplicable.

But rescheduling Lethal Weapon and This Is Us to later slots on new nights is understandable given ratings for each series faltered after strong starts.

TVNZ 2 clearly is banking on 24: Legacy rating better here than the original ever did on TV3. And if it does, it could revive Lethal Weapon’s appeal — just as Mom could spawn new life for Us.

As strong as most of TVNZ 2’s week seven is, including the live HD broadcast of the 59th Annual Grammy Awards on February 13 at 2pm, it’s surprising to see the network continue to trot out movies as dated as College Road Trip (7.00 Saturday) and The Heartbreak Kid (9.00 Sunday).

The rest of TVNZ 2’s coming attractions in HD that week include: Valentine’s Day (8.40 Saturday), The Ex (11.10 Saturday) and Identity (11.15 Sunday).

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2 Responses to “TVNZ 2 Upends Scheduling Legacy for New Line-Up”

  1. OK, picture perfect and well scheduled. Keep on bringing these big guns.

  2. We need more of these big and bold and new over all these repeats. We need to rev up up 2017 with dramas, sitcoms, big-budget movies, specials, live music, game shows and soaps, sci-fi …

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