TVNZ Announces New Entertainment Channel

TVNZ has just revealed plans to launch a male-skewing entertainment channel.

Few details are being disclosed about content or likely launch date but it’s fantastic to see the broadcaster beef up its presence with a distinctive new channel when so much of free-to-air primetime is female-driven.

The announcement follows TV1’s successful stripping of Doctor Foster over five nights and points to the broadcaster adopting more ambitious strategies to stand out in an increasingly crowded and competitive marketplace.

Don’t expect the channel to be broadcast in HD — TVNZ doesn’t have enough Freeview bandwidth, unless it shuts down its +1 channels — but chances are it will be streamed in near-HD for viewers with FreeviewPlus devices.

Here’s the full press release:

TVNZ has announced plans to launch a male-skewing entertainment channel for New Zealand viewers in coming months. The new channel will be live streamed online and broadcast free to air.

TVNZ Chief Executive Kevin Kenrick says: “We’re committed to giving New Zealanders more of the content they want to watch, how they want to view it. The new channel will feature an international slate of top drama, sport, comedy, factual titles and movies and be available to view across TV, desktop and mobile screens.”

The new channel’s development has been informed by market insights that indicate male viewers are seeking more distinctive content. It also builds on recent experience from TVNZ’s pop up channel, which was introduced in the middle of last year, says Mr Kenrick.

“There’s been a resounding viewer response to the return of free to air sport and we think the time is right to up the ante, expand our content offering and take the channel from pop up to permanent.”

He says the new channel reflects TVNZ’s strategy to make compelling content available wherever viewers want to see it.

“Viewers aren’t hung up about whether they’re watching on TV or mobile, at home or on the go. So we’re making it available across a broad range of devices, screens and platforms simultaneously. This will take live streaming further than any other local channel,” he says.

The new channel will be ad-funded. “We know advertisers are seeking commercial solutions that address audience fragmentation and embrace viewers’ multi-screening behaviour. We’re developing an integrated media buy across on air and online that makes it easier to connect with audiences.”

TVNZ will provide more detail on the new channel, including its name, confirmed content line-up and planned launch date in future updates.

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10 Responses to “TVNZ Announces New Entertainment Channel”

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    January 22, 2016 at 10:53 am

    Sounds like 7Mate in Australia. Live coverage of NFL or AFL. Throw in a few reruns of Family Guy and The Simpsons. One assumes it won’t be on Sky?

  2. Male-skewing – not as bad as male-skewering but close.

  3. Hey Phil, I hope this will be a good channel for males as it seems lately TV content on TVNZ on friday and especially saturday just isn’t that interesting anymore. I’ve been keeping an eye out on those ratecards TVNZ and MediaWorks show and it looks like The Simpsons will run from 6pm February 8th. Do you agree? I hope they play reruns in order and go way back to the early season ’cause it’s been years since seeing the very early episodes of The Simpsons. I also hope TVNZ will play the new episodes of The Simpsons on a decent night along with Family Guy and try and catch up to the U.S. Do you have any ideas where the network which timeslot they will put the new episodes of both of these shows.? Very much looking forward for The Simpsons to return to its former network as I just dont think MediaWorks have treated the show as well as it could had been.

  4. I’d have thought so, too, Richard, re Feb 8 but TV2 is replacing Friends with re-runs of another HD sitcom. Agree with you re older eps of The Simpsons but not sure how deep TVNZ’s library will run given the wall-to-wall Simpsons re-runs on TV3/4 and Sky. I’m betting TV2 will team new seasons of Homer and Family Guy on Sunday evenings, with the handful of FG eps too adult for pre-8.30 being stockpiled for a 9.30 run.

  5. Hey Phil, that’s interesting what you’ve said, if TVNZ don’t look to fill the 6pm slot with The Simpsons, where would you think the weeknight slot would be…? Or do you think they won’t do that and just play season 27 on Sunday nights only …? Do you know when MediaWorks ends it run with The Simpsons …?

  6. TVNZ isn’t commenting on which back seasons it has acquired while MediaWorks says re-runs of The Simpsons will continue on both TV3 and TV4 this year. So TV2 may simply focus on first-run eps in the short term, presumably on Sundays.

  7. Thinking the new show at 6pm weeknights might be The Big Bang Theory. Fits in and there is a sizeable back catalogue. (Not that I expect Phil to break the embargo!)

  8. Good guess, Clint, but TV2 believes there’s still plenty of post-7.30 mileage in TBBT re-runs.

  9. Philip: It is now coming into 2018 so we need one of our newer sitcoms leading in to anther new series in instead of Neighbours that will do way better.

  10. The ’90s animated sitcom King of the Hill would be excellent replacement for Friends at 4.30pm, with Friends, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory shifting to Comedy Central and other Warner Bros shows shifting to Prime TV.

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