TVNZ+ Announces New Sports Hub

If you thought the surprise PGA-LIV golf merger was the day’s biggest sports story, wait until you read this media release:


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5 Responses to “TVNZ+ Announces New Sports Hub”

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    June 7, 2023 at 3:22 pm

    I notice on AMC+ they have got Fear the Walking Dead under new arrivals so I thought perhaps they have added seasons 7 and 8 but sadly no but still I do have hope 😁

  2. I was worried about FTWD S8 after Alicia departed but so far pleasantly surprised. Seems that the ends are wrapping up nicely.

  3. FIH Pro League Hockey (nee Spark Sport) is conspicuous by its absence …

  4. Spark Sport is free until the end of the month. Freebies – no credit card required.

  5. Thanks, Mike. Here’s the link to the NZ Herald’s report.

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